Society for the Immunotherapy of Cancer poster

November 1, 2016

The large number of Immunoglobulin Super Family (IgSF) receptors on immune cells and tumors are attractive targets for development of cancer immunotherapies. While nearly all commercial strategies targeting this family are focused on antibody based biologics, we have developed a novel affinity ligand platform based upon yeast affinity maturation of human IgSF family extracellular domains (ECDs), which we term variant Ig Domains (vlgDs™). The unique biochemical properties of vlgDs, including small size, monomeric/single domain structure, and capacity to interact with multiple counterstructures, combined with the near universal expression of IgSF family members and their counterstructures on immune cells and tumors, position the vlgD platform as an exciting new option for development of immuno-oncology biologics with first-in-class mechanisms of action.